Scrubs was a one of a kind show it had its good moments and its bad but over all it was a good peice of truth that sunk into the hearts of all its viewers even the 9th season I felt wasn't to bad dave franco hands down funny as shit,but no one can fit the rool zack played he carryed it to the t and played jd well with flying colors I understand he's off doing something he loves and I don't konck him for it I also understand he would of had to sign another 7 year contract and who would want to do that with talent as raw as his all said and done I to am a fan of his work and scrubs seen them all many time and still see something I didn't see the fist time,scrubs will forever be a show that took him to the top and also a show that can not be toped rather then ramble on about how good he was and how I wish they could find it there hearts to see it was the sight we all desired I can only say from the eagle to the giant black doctor. Scrubs...scrubs... . . .

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I like this store but parking is a pain in the butt, lenuss you work down in the med center and can easily walk to this store. I'm not paying just to go look at scrubs. There's plenty of other good scrub stores in Houston that have easy access and free parking.

good gracious. I didn't know that he had eeragd to come back another year.. had been a bit irked that he was ditching them while they were still going strong and everyone else depended on it..but surely the execs won't be absurd enough to let it go.. it's one of the most popular/beloved shows on tv isn't it?

I literally jupmed out of my chair and danced after reading this!

[David H]
Hooch IS crazy :(

[Daimon Brown]
Scrubs was ended badly. If it is to really be gone forever, just give us one more full length season that properly sends it off. It's the least the series deserves, I mean it IS the best show to ever air on television.

Hooch is crazy!

!!!!!BEST SHOW EVER!!!!!


[David H.]
Please, I am a scrubs-a-holic, this was the best show that was ever produced by my opinion, it made me laugh, cry, grin and every other feeling in between, I listen to scrubs songs contantly, I got 1.20GB of songs through scrubs seasons in my ipod, I've watched the whole 9 seasons twice and I'm currently at the fifth season for the third time, Bill Lawrence, if you see this, please, please bring back scrubs, it's a little light in my day and I believe it is for many other people too.

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