she had just threw on a pair of white underwear and did not rezaile she grabbed the white pair with neon pink and green writing with the phrases mentioned above. She did laugh it off and said good thing she did not cause any heart attacks during her shift and was glad to have had someone bring it to her attention because she was really tired that morning and just threw a pair on thinking she grabbed her solids. Now what if a pt had a cardiac event and was questioned what events took place before your symptoms started? Or what were you doing when you started feeling symptoms??? That would have been an interesting story for sure ..Well I was watching the nurse empty my foley and when she bent down to .I seen the phrase through her white scrub pants and well that's when I started feeling those heart palpatations and that's all I remember .GD Star Ratingloading...

Okay I'm cvoncined. Let's put it to action.

BRING IT BACK!!!!!!!!! if only for a reunion movie...to close it all off

[Catherine Hunt]
Bring it back! Even with the new cast and on and off appearances by Zach and Sarah it was still great. Lets give it at least three more seasons.

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This is not only hard for your wife but I can feel how remorseful you are in all that has trnrspiaed. I sense the sincerity in your question. T For starters: We women want to know the whole story with no holding back. For example: If the incident was infidelity they want to know why, how and where and how long etc. Even though it will feel like digging a hole in our already bruised heart -yet we ask for more. So come clean-but you have to follow whatever it is you are remorseful about by saying to her exactly what you just shared with all of us;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; My wife is my best friend and honestly the only woman I ever want to be with .. Tell her how truly sorry you are. I am so sorry . If you give me a chance let me show you how much I love you by never doing this ever again. I have made a terrible mistake that I will have to live with for the rest of my life. -I was wrong. Tell her how you intend to fix this and tell her that YOU know it won't happen overnight but you are willing to prove to her how much you love her. Tell her that she can take her time in deciding when it is okay to start again. You will need to be humble and pay the price to earn her trust again. You can begin again and come back from a dark place into a brand new light. Make your light brighter and stronger but know that only time is the true healer. Start today to build a brand new history one where she feels safe with you. Good luck to you. I hope all works out well for you and your wife.

One of my favourite shows every. Even the new cast was awesome. Bring it backkk

I say let's do it!

[David H.]
Please bring scrubs back to us, I keep watching the old episodes and they're really great but I want more scrubs, please!

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