Often, you are required to set up an acucnot with an insurance co in order to submit claims (become a provider they do business with). Your husband's parents need to call the insurance co and speak to someone about setting up a business agreement/provider.

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That's a smart way of looknig at the world.

I just love Paul Wesley and Nina Dobrev's chemistry too bad they didn't find a roitnamc relationship off air. Ian has gorgeous eyes and I am sure is a good guy, but I see more real chemistry between Paul/Nina. Paul is gorgeous and seems like a genuinely nice guy like his character.

Stay with this guys, you're helping a lot of pelope.

My thoughts are that Damien knows it's Katherine. The look back and the touch on the lips makes me think that he knows it's not Elena. But I DO think he wants it to be Elena.I was also aoeynnd by Bonnie. I am not sure how much I believe her angst and hard persona now. But I'll get over that.I also don't think Jeremy will turn. Now that Anna is no longer alive, I think it will be pointless for him to be a vamp and I think he would make a horrible one. I think they will find him (or pills rarely work for suicide) and he'll be human once more to help his sis through this new Katherine crisis. I did love that Katherine is back and will be very interested in seeing where that goes!!!!

2011年5月17日 at 1:00 AM I see. So you already know where to stay in LA, like your freind's house? I guess you can find some houses for short time.You may have to pay a rent for a month, but you have your own space. Or is it like you are looking for some home-stay type of house?If you need any help, just let me know Anyway, come to visit me when you get here. My house is in downtown. You know my email and cell phone, right?

That's exactly right Barbara, i was tihnking that too! Stefan still made Damon drink. Love Kristen's reviews! I don't like the idea of Delena. Maybe Elena's cousing or something comes to town and Damon falls for her (just an idea) but not Elena. Klaus, what an ass!!! he is sooooo evil. I hope Damon and Bonnie and the crew release the originals and then the fight is on! I don't like the fact that stefan has an addiction issue and is not in control of himself but will be interesting to see his bad boy side. Damon does a better job of being a bad boy though. Love that Jeremy may have some supernatural powers! I hope it's something cool, not just that his dead ex's are attached to him. An Ric is awesome, loved that he stayed over with Jeremy and you could tell that jeremy was glad he did, especially since jenna is gone. I don't like Katherine, hope she dies but she will be a interesting twist in the stefan situation. Want Elijah back! Love tyler and want to see him more and hope he and caroline get together. I hoped damon would become a hybrid somehow and be able to kick Klaus' ass, but maybe tyler and caroline will make a hybrid (LOL!). Can't wait for next season.

that he was bad by existing alone. He wants to atone for smiotheng that isn't a crime, instead of fighting the real crimes. He can fight sexism without self-flagellating.True, there probably are things that participate in our oppressing others, though some we have no control over. We should focus on the ones that we do have control over, or could have control over (through law and company policy I imagine). You can't decide which race or sex you were raised as, but you can fight sexism and racism, and assumptions based on it. I always cringe hearing sexist things, and will tell my boyfriend it makes me cringe even if my opinion is not always popular with him regarding the matter (he thinks all the forums/blogs I visit are populated by insane people who represent a tiny tiny tiny fraction of the real world). He's not misogynist in much of what he does but he is sometimes in what he thinks overall he's better than most.Rad fems seem to want to argue that since trans women are not cis women they can not be in the category women.Many go further than that they argue that since they were raised as men, they can never be women, in any way, shape, or form, and that claiming to be a woman (if trans) is reifying gender roles and all about dresses and pink. The bodymap thing doesn't compute for them, even with mAndrea who's read tons of comments from Zoe Brain about it. So it's always reduced to gender roles, and butch trans women are all ignored in favor of the media representation.And trans men? Well, they're really deluded butch women who've been had about gaining male privilege and being allowed to do more stuff as men instead of staying as females and fighting the patriarchy. That's the theory anyway.If one accepts that sexism is the first prejudice from which all others follow (an unprovable assertion), then this lends itself to minimizing other axes of oppression, such as racism, homophobia, and transphobia. It doesn’t necessitate minimizing other forms of oppression. But it assigns a kind of specially important role to sex discrimination that I’m not sure is warranted.In the thread in question, I quoted a passage I posted on FC blog (pretty sure it's on the most recent open thread) about how some deny having any privilege and how it's so divide and conquer to say women have any privilege at all. Not class, race or non-trans privilege the only oppression worth uniting about is that of women, period. It sounds selfish, and kind of reminiscent of MRAs who deny male privilege.This is the quote:“That fucking ‘privilege’ thing is annoying too – I’m tired of being told I’m ‘privileged’ for a life that I was born into. I’m privileged just for existing. What an asshole.” For instance, I’m fat, and I seem to recall you’re thin. So we’re both women, but I have experience as a fat woman, and you have experience as a thin woman.Well, I'm less thin now. I'm umm, neither now. I was 105-115 lbs for 5'6 , I went up to 146 lbs, and now down to 140 lbs. I'm aiming for a more healthy (than 110) 125 lbs, ultimately, in a few months. I do have a belly now. And 50% of my clothing doesn't fit anymore (especially pants and some tighter non-stretch skirts, belly shirts are obviously off the menu too). I've been abnormally thin for basically all my life rum changed it it's highly caloric. Now less rum, and more exercise. I didn't drink at all before being with my boyfriend.It seems to me that the rad fems get hung up on that last difference, which is not very significant in terms of all the other words I’ve just put down about our similarities and our differences.Probably because male privilege is sometimes presented as woman-hating, violent, hypersexual, and with access to the best jobs and wages with no merits at all. And trans women are all presented as 40-something fathers-husbands who've had jobs as executives or professionals, living wealthily right until transition. It's the media representation, too except porn.I transitioned at 24, with a high school diploma and perspectives in minimum wage jobs at least some of them. I was celibate for pretty much all of that period, and certainly not a father. So I don't fit, but square peg meet round hole.I know a couple trans women about my age, and in similar situations. Some work, some can't find any. None were ever married or fathered.

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