I graduated in 1969, and was so very proud of the white unfoirm (wore pink as students), and the black band on my coveted cap! About 2 yrs ago, I felt the need to go back to the white unfoirm and cap with black band. The response was mixed, but the doctors were delighted, the patients were excited to see a real Nurse, and there were a few Nurses who felt that I was archaic. Okay, I went back to my scrubs after 18 months of the whites. I realized that that time was gone forever. I continued, though to wear only Navy and White at work. It just felt more professional than all the ;prints and colors. Soon our hospital put all the RN's in navy. Unfortunately they also put the LPN's in navy, so there was still some confusion on the patient's part. I believe that we have let hospital administrations dictate to us without even a whimper from Nurses (it seems that most of us are just made that way), and the caps were pulled off in order to let the hospitals use LPN's in place of RN's as they are a cheaper cost to them (the color on the cap would have distinguished the LPN from the RN). Patients don't know the difference but we DO. Our profession is going to continue to suffer both monetarily and by job placement until Nurses find it in their guts to stand TOGETHER and say NOOOOO.I recently did so, and was fired for it so what? I already have another job lined up and ready to go to., but the hospital I was forced to leave, knows that I will not take their unethical crap . Imagine if the whole department stood together and did the same? Ther IS power in numbers .it just seems impossible to get the numbers with Nurses. Ever ask yourself why????GD Star Ratingloading...

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Thanks for taking the time to post. It's litefd the level of debate

Hallo Nadja,kommt mir irgendwie bnaknet vor dass Ganze, da meine Freundin Logope4din ist und mich immer leicht tadelt wenn ich mich re4uspere (und nicht huste) oder beim telefonieren irgendwelche Wf6rter (e4hhhm oder ja,ja ja!) wiederhole.Nichtsdestotrotz se4chsel ich immer noch vor mir hin wie mir die Chemnitzer Schnauze gewachsen ist, was einen Podcast wohl grundse4tzlich verbietet.Ffcr alle anderen Podcastwilligen die das Hochdeutsche beherrschen sei nur gesagt: wirklich ein super Beitrag!In diesem Sinne mjalm, mjolm, mjulm, mjaum, mjum .Grfcdfe Tim.

Inisgths like this liven things up around here.

I was struck by the hoensty of your posting

Yea, verily. Those were eisaer times. When I was your age, I could just walk into KSOC, throw a disc on the air and it well, it would suck, but I could steal that CD and put in on the Singaporean black market with a minimum of effort.

Ok so everyone needs a treat now and then. But I've been detpapoinsid in the past 2 week's coupons! Last week Coca Cola. Even without high fructose corn syrup- it's full of sugar, artificial ingredients, and is bottled in single serve sizes really hard to justify. And this week cookies. Again no high fructose corn syrup but not really what I want my family to eat. Can we get back to something a little more nutritious? Love the coupon program, but can do without these. Thanks!

I just read the prompt for the Pilot eipsode and I'm thoroughly shocked! They are changing it from Elena having a sister of age 4 to having a brother who is only two years younger than her. It's quite strange to change things so much. Bonnie is no longer a pale redhead but is dark skinned and has dark hair. All these changes seem a little off putting but I am still willing to give it a shot. Everything deserves to be seen at least once right? Other changes that weren't neccessary were Elena's looks. She is blonde haired and blue eyed in the book now she has brown hair and eyes in the show. My comment about the book series is that they are amazing I read them about ten to twelve years ago but I'm re-reading them and I still love them very much. Though this may sound strange I liked the Secret Circle books more than Vampire Diaries. I hope they make a show out of that series too. Any way I'm rambling, I apologize.

I had no idea Cade was such a little super model!! Oh my gosh! look at those eyes! These pticures are absolutely gorgeous. What a cool website. I'd have to say the one with him and Mitch has to be my favorite too, so much love.

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