Dear Ladies and gentlemen, sehr geehrte Damen und Herren,

gönnt uns noch eine Staffel der Serie - es wäre ein echter Verlust für die TV-Landschaft.


ALERT!!! Kristin @ E! Online has SOS _Save One Show and Scrubs is on the list!!!!
VOTE NOW (AND OFTEN) http://www.eonline.com/uberblog/watch_with_kristin/b173297_save_one_show_on_get_in_here_vote_people.html

[Glenn ]
Thank you Bill and all other Actors.

Scrubs made me laugh and cry.

It was a part of my life since i was 12.

thanx for everything guys i loved this show and now i must cry again cause its over, but i remeber the good times and i will watch it again and again.

Thank you

abc u cant cancell scrubs its is the best show in the world i know when it comes on at my house and i watch it everytime it comes on the new cast is great u just have to give it more time the people have been use to jd u have to give it time so that all the viewers can make that transaction from jd to lucy u cant let it be cancelled

Please keep this show on!!! Give it a chance with a new cast ABC! It has a strong following!! And it's funny!

[Ravarius Castor]
One year of med school just to 'pull a Fox Network' on us?? B.S. in it's highest form. The ratings were low but not invisible, just under expectations, and we all know it's DVD sales and cult popularity that make a show profitable not inaccurate Nielsen ratings. ABC needs to dig it's way out of the 50's mindset that FOX is buried in and take a step into the future of television programming. That future is Scrubs: Med School. Don't forget to go to ABC.com and use the Contact Us link at the bottom of the page! I've sent my email, have you?

It can't be true. This cast it's awesome, it has the potential to take this show to the next level. The writing is amazing, which is not a familiar thing nowadays. NBC should PROMOTE the show and viewers old and new will tune in. Go Scrubs!

Love this new Scrubs! Hope they keep it but because I love it so much they probably won't :-(

[Sebastian L.]
Hey. I´m a real big fan of this series. I watch from the begining till now. And I have to say that I´m not very happy to hear of the near end of Scrubs. I don´t know where the rest of the people are from, that singed in this page. But I´m from germany. And a lot friends of mine agree with me when I say: Don´t let Scrubs fall!

A question for those who want to kill Scrubs: What has two thumbs and shits on your spiel? The fans of Scrubs!

THIS IS THE BEST SHOW YOU HAVE!!!!! please please please don't take it from us. I know it's only going to get BETTER!!! you need to save yourselves and KEEP SCRUBS ON!

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