1-8th season...awesome...9th no comment ...And in 10th season JD should wake up from the bad dream...dream about 9th season :)

[Raz P.]
Thank you Scrubs. Thank you Zach Braff, thank you Donald Faison, thank you John C. McGinley, thank you Ken Jenkins, thank you Neil Flynn, thank you Sarah Chalke, thank you Judy Reyes, thank you Aloma Wright, thank you Sam Loyd, thank you Robert Maschiano, thank you Christa Miller, thank you Johnny Castl, and thank you Bill Lawrence.

[Huy Dinh Quang]
save it! scrubs need a second chance

Life without Dr. Cox is quite empty. I've got all the seasons up to 8 on DVD now and have been wearing them out trying to get my 'fix'. :( Please bring it back, someone... somewhere.. And if so, you should bring back at least Carla. She would be a nice connection to the old format that might help draw some of the old viewers. And what about Elliot? Haven't seen Sarah Chalke on anything else lately either. And she is HILARIOUS. Sigh...

PLEASE.. PLEASE DON"T TAKE AWAY SCRUBS... it has helped me too much.. it has helped a lot of people... it's GENIUS... I mean you don't see such beauty and accuracy everywhere.. Maybe season 9 wasn't up to the mark... but the characters are lovable VERY lovable...... all it needs is a little more work.... it makes us laugh.. cry.. it makes me happy when I'm sad.. happier when i'm happy and the list goes on =P.. SAVE SCRUBS *prays*..

USA Network? TBS? TNT? There are lots of cable channels that could pick it up. One of the interesting things about Scrubs was that the medicine was fairly realistic for a medical TV show. They didn't have the once-in-a-lifetime cases every week, it was pretty mundane stuff. Scrubs was still good, the only sitcom I watch. Maybe it was too good.

the ninth series nees a couple of changes to make it great but drew and especially denise are solid charachters, even cole eventually grew on me by the last few episodes. all they need to do is add a couple of interesting ones to the mix and develope them a bit more.

Please save scrubs!!!!!!!!!!! I need it to live!!!!!!!!!!!
It is the best serial in the world.

I want next session scrubs, pleeeeeaseeeeeeeeeee (czech fan)

Please -- I want next season ...

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