Sometimes, I just can't believe it's over.

bring back scrubs

scrubs was brilliant nothing could compare to it it was hilarious and dramatic at the same time there arent many shows that do that its a very rare show and actors are hilarious

save scrubs!!!!!!!>_<


[Shane bevan]
Yes save our scrubs, Scrubs med school was the natural way to go with scrubs. After 8 years of the original they had to change or it would get stale. However the hope everyone was pinning on scrubs med school was too much for the show, fans that loved the original would always complain that is was not as good as the original, the network would have been hoping for the same rating as scrubs (original) so when the fans and the network didn't get what they hoped from the first series it was going to get cancelled. What they should have done is ran it for 3 series. That why the writer can get to grips with the characters, the fan could get over the fact that it was not the original and we would all start to love scrubs med school as we do with the original

[Adam Hacking]
Scrubs is great and I love it but there is only so many times you can see all the episodes,
Scrubs is the best sitcom ever and definately funnier than friends, NBC should get the rights back for scrubs and carry it on, ABC made it suck, there were small changes in series 8 e.g. less daydreams by JD then in series 9 they removed all the characters, the storyline, the scenes and the same comedy. the only similarity is a handful of characters and that it's set in a med school.
NBC FTW!!!!!!!!
P.S. if i become terminally ill and i get a make a wish choice i will ask for another episode of scrubs by NBC with all the original characters and scenes, then hopefully they will realise their mistakes and put it back on air, then i will sit back and watch the show with a can of beer in heaven :D

[Fireman Joe]
Personally I felt that Scrubs [Med School] was too much like a spin off than a continuation of the original series. Whilst it was a good show it just wasn't quite Scrubs. For Scrubs to be Scrubs it needs the same main character(s) its always had. I think Scrubs and Med School should both continue as separate series in the same fictional universe with Med School set in the new Sacred Heart and Scrubs following J.D. in his new hospital with a few crossover episodes along the way.

[Andrew fawcus]
Save scrubs us tv get cancelled to much . Save this great show

The newest series without JD was best. They should carry on the medschool series without JD, as all JD did was make the program imature and stupid. In the early series he was ok but they turned him into an idiot over time.
I suppose the idiot character would appeal to the shows American audience more though, as they can relate to him.

save scrubs and bring back J.D save the greatest and funnyest tv show ever made i have every dvd a legendary show SAVE SCRUBS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[Donald Faison's brother]
bring back scrubs this was the greatest show ever. Donald Faison (L)

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